Pokémon Red Hacking Project

In this solo hacking project I hope to document the entirety of code in the original Pokemon Red ROM. What I'm going to do with it once it's done I do not know for certain yet. I may hack some new functionality in or I may attempt to port the game to another system.

Although this is intended to be a solo project mainly to help in understanding GB architecture and program flow, any help or information offered would be appreciated. You can contact me at [pup -at- furlocks-forest -dot- net].

Disclaimer: This site is in no way affiliated with Nintendo, GAMEFREAK, Creatures, The Pokémon Company, etc. This is an entirely non-profit project and the results will be for personal use only. Not that it matters but I own a legitimate copy of Pokémon Red for Gameboy.


My overall aim is to manually document each and every line of ASM and provide a fairly detailed diagram of program flow.


So far I've documented only a few functions. I've written my own tools to disassemble the opcodes and I've dumped ASM of the first few ROM banks that I know contain code. I've also identified ROM banks containing text for conversations and what not.


So far I've used a few gameboy programming documents (details to come) and the character conversion table from data crystal (link to come). It seems quite hard to find Pokémon ROM documentation, mainly because you have to wade through the masses of links relating to cheats, the anime and other crap before you find anything...

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